Food is life. This is literally my favourite saying ever, because it’s so true. As I deal with three gynaecological issues on a day to day basis, you have really look after yourself. I try to eat as well-balanced as I can, but it’s hard… I can often be found enjoying a twirl and a cup of tea around 3pm. No shame.

I love to cook and the kitchen is my happy place. I’m not too much of a baker, I mean I can bake sweet treats, but my favourite is a banging tagine. One of my autumn favourites is Sweet Potato Gnocchi, it’s perfect for getting cosy during the colder evenings. Hggye, anyone?!

I’ll be featuring some guest blogs from some friends who live well and who are great at providing nutritional information for PCOS and Endometriosis, and of course there will be a good balance of the sweeter side of things, along with my all-time favourites such as slow-cooked duck with orange slices, sweet potato, leeks, and lentils.

Let me know your favourites! Tag me in your instagram foodie pictures, I love getting inspiration from others.


Sweet potato gnocchi, ready for the pan!