The Breakthrough 

Yesterday was a whole wave of emotions. After 8 years of battling with my womb I finally had a breakthrough at my hospital appointment.

I felt so nervous before going in, not helped by the fact they were running half an hour late (nothing 99p tea and coffee couldn’t help with)! Most of the women waiting were told they weren’t allowed to have their husbands join them in the consultation room and I really wanted mine to come in with me, so I began to panic a little.

Once we were in there, we didn’t need to convince the consultant. She understood everything and we have finally been referred to fertility to start the next part of our journey. Unfortunately for me, my only option is to eventually have a hysterectomy but they want to help us have a family first. It’s a long road ahead but we’re keen to keep talking about it whilst also making sure we don’t become completely consumed by the process.

For now, the dream still exists and we’ll do everything we can to get there. 💙

Laura x


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