Why I’m tired of waiting (and why you should be too).

Why I’m tired of waiting (and why you should be too).

So, this post has taken a while for me to write.

If you’re a regular reader of my little blog, you’ll know that I have endometriosis and polycystic ovaries, two conditions which took 8 years to diagnose. Throughout this journey, it’s been uncomfortable, painful, draining and ‘totes emosh’ but there’s been little glimmers of hope along the way. 

My main concern from the age of 18 was my fertility and whether or not at that age I should think about options like freezing my eggs, along with how to talk to a guy about the possibility of a broken womb. 

When I went on a first date with my now husband back in June 2009, little did both we know from that moment on we would be together every day since. Talking to him about these issues came naturally and luckily for me he’s a double yolker so he had nothing but support for me. He has been there throughout all the tests, frustrations, operations, internals, consultant appointments, negative pregnancy and ovulation tests and absent periods. 

Before we got married I have to admit I felt guilty when I couldn’t do the one thing I was biologically put on this planet to do. I naturally was worried about what our lives would be like if we didn’t have children but along the way his constant and nurturing reassurance guided the negative thoughts away. 

In 2016, my periods were absent for 8 whole months. During this time I spent so much money on pregnancy tests only to be crushed by the constant negative results. In the October, our sweet little nephew was born and the moment I met and held him, I felt really strange. I left the hospital with cramps, back pain, leg pain and was really spaced out. I put it down to the excitement of meeting him! Just 2 days later, I got my period. I was absolutely over the moon. 

In that time we saw our little nephew as much as possible as clearly he had magically powers that kickstarted my body. Low and behold, just 2 weeks later I was stood in the bathroom on a Thursday morning before work with a positive test. 

I literally could not believe my eyes when that second line came up. My husband had gone to work and I tried to ring him with no luck, for him to text me after to say he was driving and couldn’t answer. I decided I couldn’t do it over the phone so I waited ALL day to tell him.

Now, as I enter the third trimester I have a bit of a bugbear.

My MOST hated phrase and one EVERYONE uses is “just you wait.” 

“Just you wait until you start showing” or “just you wait until the sickness starts” – others such as “just you wait until you start putting on weight” and “you think you’re hurting now, just wait until labour!” 

Now, I don’t know about you but I’m bloody tired of waiting. My pregnancy so far (car crash aside) has been incredible. Any pains, sickness, weight gain, skin changes, stretch marks and muscular problems are welcome because to me, it’s a constant reassurance that my body is doing something absolutely incredible. I’m growing a human – something I never thought I’d be able to say. 

Now comes the “just wait until their born and the sleepless nights” and “you think the newborn phase is bad, just you wait until they start teething, weaning, crawling, walking, starting nursery” blah blah blah.

I’m tired of waiting. I don’t want to wait, I can’t wait to experience all of those things however hard or crazy they’re going to be. Because, my body is growing our baby and I am in love with every movement, kick, line, scar and mark on my body to bring me to the now, and now is right on time. 

Infertility is such a difficult subject to talk to people about. It’s not about ‘having a positive attitude’ or just ‘relaxing’ (if I had a pound for every time I heard that). But talking about it opening really does help. I hope this post brings some light to those in need of it and most importantly hope. We’re all facing different challenges in life but there’s no harm in just being kind. 

Laura x


A Taste of the Bay

A Taste of the Bay

So, my birthday was a couple of weeks ago and my awesome husband booked for us to return to our “Happy Place” – Watergate Bay Hotel for a week of intense relaxation and to do as little as possible. It could not have come at a better time. 

Last month was pretty horrible, if you read my previous post you’ll have seen I was involved in a RTA whereby someone ploughed into the back of my car at 50mph whilst I was stationary leaving me with no car for 4 weeks, 6 sessions of physio to be had, a week off work due to the pain and a pretty serious complication with my pregnancy as a result of the accident, (all is ok now). So,  it’s been a very stressful month.  

We set off for Watergate Bay on the Sunday and made it to a very foggy Cornwall in the afternoon – just in time to have lunch in the living space after checking in and unpacking. 

The Taste of the Bay package meant all our meals (apart from 2) were paid for, including Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Restaurant which is just a stone’s throw from the Hotel. We enjoyed some incredible meals and ate SO MUCH – but hey that’s what holiday’s are about, right?!

On our first full day we enjoyed doing absolutely nothing. Well, I say nothing but it was a day of lounging and relaxing. I had an amazing pedicure overlooking the beach whilst the husband enjoyed the gym and pool. We then had lunch at “The Beach Hut” which consisted of an epic chicken, bacon and avocado burger and mocktails followed by an afternoon nap (absolute bliss) before heading down for more floating in the infinity pool, and lounging in the Swim Club. 

Being 18 weeks pregnant didn’t stop me from experiencing anything during our stay and the bar even stocked Seedlip (a non-alcoholic version of gin) which was delicious. Why can’t more places stock this?!  

The next day we headed down to The Cornish Seal Sanctuary to see Andre the naughty Sea Lion and all the rescued / resident seals. It was a lovely morning out despite the foggy weather and then we headed into Newquay. We called in our favourite shop “Watershed” and noticed they’d opened a new cafe called Fin & Co which served delicious pastries, cakes, snacks and drinks – although it was so hipster (complete with a barber’s); it was a little gem on the highstreet.

We ended our last night with a 7 course taster menu at Jamie Oliver’s (after eating a huge pizza at Wax, a local surf bar just a few hours earlier) before enjoying a few drinks at the Hotel before bed. 

This was our 4th visit to Watergate Bay and this post was not commissioned by the hotel, I just want everyone to know Cornwall’s best kept secret so you can enjoy it for yourself. 

It was the perfect birthday treat and babymoon. Huge thanks go to my husband, what a double-yolker!

Next time we return we’ll have a bubba in tow and we can’t wait to show them our favourite spots and go for beach walks. 

The news we’ve been waiting for…

The news we’ve been waiting for…

Firstly, apologies for the radio silence on my part turns out I’ve been a little busy making a baby!

Now I won’t go into details other than you may have read on here that conceiving wasn’t easy for us. It has taken a good 2 years but baby bell is strong and healthy and I’m now 4 months pregnant. 

I never, ever thought those words would leave my lips after the 8 years of suffering  with endometriosis and pcos. 

We had a pretty scary time a few weeks back where I was involved in a road traffic accident and was told to ultimately fear the worst but it seems baby had other ideas. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in my life, to be so close to your dream and have it snatched away from you was utterly terrifying. 

Any way, I just wanted to post in the hope that this gives faith to other couples going through a tough time. We had a fertility appointment booked however we had to cancel it as it had already happened for us. 

Lastly, I just wanted to extend my thoughts to a very special guy, Julian who very sadly passed away last week after battling with cancer. His blog “Fight back to Fitness” encouraged and supported so many people and even gave me the inspiration to blog about my issues. My heart goes out to his family and friends, he is truly a wonderful person. 

Laura x

We need to talk about Hygge 

We need to talk about Hygge 

A few months back when I had my polycystic ovary diagnosis I was really sad. My husband made it his mission to cheer me up and achieved this by leaving me notes, bought me flowers, chocolates, a beautiful dachshund scarf and two books, (I know, what a double yolker right?!) One was by my favourite author, Roald Dahl and the second was “The Little Book Of Hygge.”

Since reading the hygge book, it’s become such a buzzword and I fear it’s already becoming so overused. But, hygge isn’t just a word. It’s a lifestyle and you can hashtag your pictures all you want -it’s about moments not a X-Pro II filter. 

When my husband and I visited Copenhagen last November, it was then I truly understood the meaning of hygge.  Scandinavia has it so right, we felt so at home in Denmark!

Nyhavn – Copenhagen 

Since the birth of our adorable little nephew a few weeks, I’ve come to understand more about hygge. We’ve shared weekly family dinners, mugs of tea and sent flowers – just because. It’s about being together, going for cosy woodland walks, watching fireworks, candles, blankets and cooking for each other. 

Hygge is simple. It’s a way of life, and one I very much will continue to live. It’s brought me comfort in pain and joy in a teacup. What do you think about hygge? 

Laura x

Travel Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! Hope you’re having a good week so far?

On Tuesday’s I talk about travel and today I wanted to share my top 5 recommendations for Prague.

My husband and I visited the city in July to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. It was so magical. I’ve visited once before in the wintertime and it was a completely different experience, so if you’ve been just the once, time to get planning another trip!  

We met a good friend and her partner out there and were shown the sights, and experienced so much in the 4 nights we were there. My travel essentials are a moleskine city notebook (a specific one for Prague) and Polaroid camera. I love to document our holidays so we can look back in years to come and remember all the wonderful moments. 

My top 5 things to do:

  • Hire a pedalo and take to the Vltava river – hours of fun! We even saw a beaver. Afterwards, head to the beer barges to sample a variety of Czech beverages overlooking the beautiful city.

  • Visit Prague Castle and enjoy georgeous wine fresh from the vineyards.

  • Relax in the Old Town Square, here you’ll find the astrological clock and in winter the Christmas markets.

  • Discover Letná Park and meet the locals! The views are incredible.

  • Sample Trdelník from one of the many stands around the square. My favourite was with Nutella! 

We also enjoyed a spectacular meal at Terasa U Zlate studne on our anniversary along with a totally relaxing day at Boscolo Spa, before fixing our love lock onto the Charles Bridge. 

Of course, I also have to recommend Madame Tussaud’s, Tiffany’s and a canal tour of the river!

Have you visited Prague? What’s your top recommendation for a visit? 

Laura x



Happy Sunday! I’ve had a lovely day catching up with a friend in her sewing room, admiring her products for an exciting new business. 

Kate, founder of Absurd Design, makes handcrafted leather dog collars and the business has been a year in planning. I was immediately drawn to the amazing autumn swirly collar for my imaginary sausage dog Edwina (we’ll come onto her shortly), to find that Kate also has an imaginary Canadian dog called Duck. 

Duck is actually the inspiration behind the brand as Kate commented how absurd it was! Now let me just be clear, whilst Edwina is a figment of my imagination at the moment, one day she will actually be mine, as Duck will be Kate’s pup. 

If you have read my “about me” pages you will have seen that I got married in blue. Earlier this year, I cut my wedding dress so I could wear it again and had a baby dress made out of the leftover fabric. This dress is currently hanging in my wardrobe as my “symbol of hope” when things get tough. It’s a physical item that I associate with our fertility dream and actually brings me a lot of comfort. 

That being said, I’m looking to purchase Absurd’s Autumn collar for my future Edwina, as discussed with Kate who actually thought it was a good way to focus on a goal. You might think I’m crazy reading this but hey, it works for me! 

I’m very much a sentimental person and I love to keep momentos, buy souvenirs, make scrapbooks, and I use film cameras a lot to “capture the moment.” I’m still very much a pen and paper gal and I’ll admit, I have an obsession with Filofax (I mean have you seen the new rose gold planner?)! 

Do you have anything sentimental which you associate with your future goals and dreams? I would love to hear yours! 

Laura x

The Breakthrough 

Yesterday was a whole wave of emotions. After 8 years of battling with my womb I finally had a breakthrough at my hospital appointment.

I felt so nervous before going in, not helped by the fact they were running half an hour late (nothing 99p tea and coffee couldn’t help with)! Most of the women waiting were told they weren’t allowed to have their husbands join them in the consultation room and I really wanted mine to come in with me, so I began to panic a little.

Once we were in there, we didn’t need to convince the consultant. She understood everything and we have finally been referred to fertility to start the next part of our journey. Unfortunately for me, my only option is to eventually have a hysterectomy but they want to help us have a family first. It’s a long road ahead but we’re keen to keep talking about it whilst also making sure we don’t become completely consumed by the process.

For now, the dream still exists and we’ll do everything we can to get there. 💙

Laura x